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Make Your Own Quilted All Purpose Saddle Pad
NEW COLORS!! Diamond Quilted All Purpose Saddle Pad
Black Mattes Dressage Saddle Pad with sheepskin
This pad was used very little and has been in storage.  It's a tiny bit dust but in excellent Mattes pad used on a "clean freak's" horse for 5 months or less. The pads are $270-$275 new. The Mattes Dressage Pad is technically correct for the serious competitor. Genuine sheepskin fibers mold... more
Black Combo Wraps
Talk about the best of both worlds! Our easy-to-apply Combo Wrap is a self-closing Pillow Wrap and a Standing Wrap all in one. You don't need an outer bandage to hold it. The double-knit exterior ventilates and absorbs for maximum cooling and comfort. It's a fluffy, protective wrap that's perfect... more
Custom Polos - Choose your own Fleece and Velcro Colors
Pick your Polo and pick the hook and loop color! Show your support for a cause, show your barn colors or even your favorite team colors. These are our thick Keeneland polos that everyone loves. Sold in sets of 4. Made to order, made just for you.  Please order and then email us your... more