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Illuminated Hoof Pick
The Illuminated Hoof Pick solves the problem of not being able to really see what's going on in your horse's hoof when you're cleaning it.  Now you can determine the difference between hoof, footing, dirt, and frog as you are hunched over with a wiggly horse trying to clean those hooves.  And, if... more
Straight Arrow Mane 'N Tail Conditioner
The Original Mane 'n Tail Conditioner is an exclusive highly concentrated formula that keeps your horse's hair tangle free, soft and manageable for grooming and braiding. Mane 'n Tail Conditioner nourishes, conditions and strengthens hair while moisturizing to prevent itching and scaling. Such a... more
SU-PER Body Brush BLUE (medium bristles) - 2 sizes
The standard brush that should be in everyone's gromming box is blue and comes in two sizes: Medium: $4.95 Large: $6.95 
Red Body Brush (stiff bristles) - sizes
Another must have basic for any tack box or grooming kit.  Works great all year around and especially on caked sand or mud on longer coats. Color: Red. Two sizes: Medium ($4.95) Large ($10.95)
SU-PER Body Brush WHITE (soft bristles)
Like the face brush this brush is gentle and soft.  A great "finishing" brush to remove the last of the dust particles and being out the shine in your horse's coat. Two sizes: meddium ($4.95) and large ($10.95) One color: white.
Red Hot Spray
 EACH BITE BITES 'EM BACK! Quart with sprayer (+$5.95) Gallon (+$21.95)+ $14 in extra shipping costs A special formula of soap, spices, and flavoring to stop animals from chewing on bandages, leg wraps, blankets, and casts.   Amount to give:   Spray liberal amounts on area to protect... more
Cayenne Pepper to make a paste to protect tack and the stable
EXTRA HOT (not for human consumption) Red hot ground pepper. Mix with water and paint on bandages, fencing, stalls, etc. to prevent unwanted chewing. We recommend wearing gloves while using! Ingredients: 100% Ground Red Pepper. Size: 3.5 tub