Long lines


You can choose to have the seperate from one another or snap in so the are one continuous piece.  The come from a seller who was meticolous with choosing the best and safetest equipment, and she also maintained these items as best as possible.  The long lines were orginially off white, but inevitable with use they are brown in spots which does not denote lack of care or quality.

The long lines are made of cotton in order to provide the handler with a smaller chance of rope burn (always wear gloves when using) and if the horse does panic they will break like a cotton lead rope the worst of situations. 

The last few fet up to the snaps that attach to the bit, are folded over to be thiner and more user friendly for the horse to respond.

With the right syscringle the handler could consifure these lines from basic (breaking a horse to go under saddle and leaner turning) up to advanced Grand Prix level dressage work.

Also a handler could snap off just one of the lines in use to for a lunge line.  We believe these lunge lines were purchased at Dressage Extentions (http://www.dressageextensions.com/ProductDetail.asp?KEY=2232).  The descrition and length for this long line pair is: "Excellent quality heavy-duty German web lines. Rolled nylon cord for easy use through surcingle rings. Great for engaging the hind end. 30' ( first 13' rolled)."  The sell for $99.95 new


Price: $75.00
SKU: cosign-long-lines