12" EVERGREEN Spring Colors Quilted Leg Wraps


Are you a fan of the green you only see on Trees?  Your now in luck with Evergreen quilted leg wraps for your horse -- not just a kelly green horse wrap.  This vibrant hue can color cordinate with your standing wraps, track bandages or another equeine leg wrap of your choice.  They also help identitfy what is your equipment in the barn versus other horses.  Quilted wraps are recommended post work-out to prevent injury to stressed legs or wrapping legs of injured horses.  Not meant to be worn by 24/7 by healthy horses. Made of bonded polyester fill, bound edges and cotton broadcloth exterior. Washable and dryer safe.

Size Options: 12"

***Limited stock in remaining colors & sizes.

Price: $18.95
SKU: EQT-QuiltedColors-evergreen-12

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