Hot Pink Classic Polowraps Keenland by Equine Textiles


It might not have been Baryshnikov, but someone once said that Polo Wraps are to race horses as warm-ups are to ballet dancers. The analogy holds especially true when it comes to the Polo Wraps made by Equine Textiles. Our version of this classic work-out bandage is a real work of art - and far better than anything else on the market. While other companies use fabrics created for the garment industry, we use a thick mapped fleece designed and made for Equine Textiles. This brushed, piled polyester fabric stretches and relaxes. As a result, there's plenty of "give" that makes our Polo Wrap idea for protecting the horse while allowing it to exercise with full freedom of movement. It's durable and washable for ongoing use. You can even make a fashion statement with our Polo Wrap because it's available in 16 designer colors!

Made of the heaviest stretch plush fabric with Velcro closure. Velcro closures. Set of 4. Availability on colors may vary.

Mini Size: $19.95 (3" x 4 feet long)
Pony Size: $19.95 - (4" x 7 feet long)

Regular Size: $20.95 (5" x 9.5 feet long)

Discount available for quantities of 6 sets or more! Please email for details.

Price: $20.95
SKU: EQT-Polowraps-hot-pink