Bright Orange "Hunter Safety" Halter/Bridle Fleece Sets


You can lead a horse to water or anywhere in total comfort with our 4-part Fleece halter Set. Can be applied to your bridle so that when you are trail riding during Hunting Season(s) you and your horse are more safe.  Options include: It includes a crown, nose band, and cheek straps. A synthetic lambskin cover keeps the halter nice and soft and helps prevent rub marks.


  • Crown (only) - $6.95
  • Cheeks (2 pieces only) - $8.95
  • Nose (only) - $6.95
  • 4 Piece Set - $19.95
Price: $6.95
Select the halter cover pieces that you want:
SKU: eqt-fleece-halter-covers

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