SU-PER Tite-N-Up-Named Horse Journal Favorite (May 2012)


MADE WITH PREMIUM CLAY! Compares favorably to Uptite®. 

Named Horse Journal Editor's Choice and Best Buy!
"This is a nice, non-medicated poultice with a very smooth, silky texture.
Holds moisture very well. Good choice for fresh sprains and injuries. Perfect for horses with sensitive skin. Cools out hot legs very well .... also brightens white legs."
-Non-Medicated Poultice Products (Feb 2009 article)

Named Horse Journal Favorite (May 2012)

A non-medicated poultice which compares favorably to Uptite®. Used as an aid in drawing out swelling and soreness, and as a cooling agent. This poultice contains a special blend of fine white clays, allowing it to wash off very easily in warm water. For legs: Cleanse area thoroughly. For maximum results, apply a liberal amount of poultice. You may cover with gauze to hold poultice in place (optional), then apply a moist, brown paper. Wrap with plastic to help keep poultice moist, and hold in place with a quilted leg wrap, or sheet cotton and standing bandage. Leave in place for 12 to 24 hours. For feet: Will aid in increasing moisture in the frog and hoof wall. Pack bottom of hoof and hold in place with brown paper or hoof boots.


Hydrous Aluminum Silicate (montmorillonites), Biborate of Soda, Water


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