Black Mattes Dressage Saddle Pad with sheepskin


This pad was used very little and has been in storage.  It's a tiny bit dust but in excellent Mattes pad used on a "clean freak's" horse for 5 months or less. The pads are $270-$275 new. The Mattes Dressage Pad is technically correct for the serious competitor. Genuine sheepskin fibers mold perfectly to your horse's back, eliminating friction, yet allowing air circulation and ventilation. This pad is designed without seams in the saddle area, so there are no chafing or pressure points. Unique shape eliminates pinching and rubbing and the pommel features extra padding. Inner core is no-bounce Poly-Flex. Quilted, heavy cotton top. Sheepskin panels with Spine Free® for comfort. Machine wash. Imported.

Price: $179.95
SKU: mattes-consign