Pillow Wraps (set of 2)


Those in the know consider this bandage to be today's basic stable wrap. Designed & created as a superior alternative - in lots of important ways - to those old-time multi-bandages of sheet cotton that required an endless wrap around and around and around. Our washable, fade-resistant Pillow Wrap is ultra-thick for added protection and comfort. The exterior is poly cotton broadcloth and inside is an absorbent, breathable bonded fiber. The fabric is inert to chemicals so medicines can be applied safely. And the seams are inside the wrap instead of on the edge where they can cause irritation. The edges are double folded to help eliminate fraying.

Sizes in a 34" length 12", 14", 16" 18"
Complements: Standing Wraps and Flannel Leg Wraps

***Look for our Pillow Wraps in Vivid Colors ***

Price: $20.95
SKU: EQT-PillowWraps